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March 19th, 2010
Final Project

Fossils and fuels are the energy that people used as resources from long time ago to make their living things newer and more convenient. Most of fossil and fuels are made up of plants and animal matters. There are 3 forms of fossil fuels:

+ Oil: is a popular fuel that human used almost every day, people got oil from ground and pump it out. The human used oil since hundred years ago, as heat, make gasoline for transportations, and somehow, they used it for power plants to make electricity. Also that, old could be burned and it could be dangerous for some situations and useless point of using.
+ Coal: the color of black is what people called coal. It could be used for electricity worldwide, and more than petroleum from oil. Coal has so many types that could use for human needed and produce useful things like electricity and it be could be called as the strongest electricity made for all countries in the world. In chemistry, the fundamental properties of coal determined the efforts of organic by chemists.

+Natural gas: the chemical compound made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms, it’s familiar as oil. Natural gas is a major source of electricity from the use of gas turbines and stream turbines. As for cleanness using, people use natural gas because it burns more cleanly than other fossil fuels like coal and oil. Moreover, gas is real useful for transportations that everyone needs it for their uses every single day.
I choose this topic for my project in chemistry class, because it’s a good topic that related the most to the human lives. As we know and learn in class about fossil fuels, we know how it works and why people choose for their lives and why it is important for us. Yes, it is really important because without it, our lives will not be better and maybe we will not have new things to use or to create new products that help.

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Name: Cody
Period: 4
Due Date: Friday 19th March 2010


All About Fossil Fuel

This Article describes the three main types of fossil fuels, how they were form, and how they are used.
Fossil Fuel was made of dead plants and animals with high heat and pressure. It takes a long period of time to create fossil fuel (that why they have fossil in front of fuel). Fossil fuel are non- rewable enrgy sources that forming from 300 million years ago. There are 3 main type of fossil, they are oil, natural gas and coal. Oil is a black, soft, sticky liquid that called petroleum. To get oil, the people must dig 2 well into the ground and then, pump it up (like you sucking the water through the straw.) They have to clean the oil into clean gasoline. Natural Gas is making out of methane and it was very flamable. It was pump out of the groung just like oil. It used to cooking, warming your home. Coal has a different form, such as hard black rocks or soft brown dirt. To get coal, they have to mine it, which is a dangerous job. Fossil fuel have all of the form such as solid, liquid and gas. So to create energy, we have to burn coal, oil or natural gas.
Fossil fuel supply 90% of the world energy. Fossil fuel contain Carbons, when burned it joins with oxygen to creat carbon dioxide. Which create green house gases and cause global warming and climate change. So this kind of energy source will polute our air. Fossil fuel are non renewable sources, we use it 10,000 times then it was form.It so dangerous and I’m very worried about that, we shouldn’t use it, it will effect the underground soil system, it even cause earthquake, tsunamy. I cause a lot of thing to the enviroment, why they just think about the goods, the profit that they will make but forget about the environment. They should stop.

Terry-Cao Si Lam
Period 3
March 18, 2010

Article summary: Fossil Fuel

For 300 millions year, mother nature has many changes and there are many new kinds of energy are create. One of them is the fossil fuel, the things which is the most common type of energy that we are using today. It is very important and necessary for human life in this time. Beside the good and positive corner, there are also many negative which is not good for the nature and for the human for a long time to the future. To the main ideas, There are types of them, what is it helps or destroy the environment, and my ideas about them, they will be explained in these paragraphs.


The introduction to the fossil fuel, there are 3 main kinds of them ,they are the most common type that we still use for everyday. The oil, gas and coal. The oil, most of them are used as energy for the vehicles, also their pupose is for the electricity power plant. To find oil, we have to dig deeply into the ground to find them or in the sea, we can be able find one. They are very cheap and easy to transport too. The next thigns is the gas, lighter than the air and also a strong explosion. Although this dangerous energy can cause accident, but it provides 20% of the world population because its cheap price and it does a very little to damage the environment. Last one, we have coals, which supplies 28% of our consumption of energy. They are the cheapest in three things, and they pollute a lot because they release CO2 when using.

To the part that tells about how these energies effect the environment. The most polluted type is coal, because when it is burning, it gives into the air a large amonut of CO2, which is the main reason for the Greenhouse effects, the incresing of heat of the Earth. Luckily, they are not used widely, so they do not contribute too much to ruin the environment. Second type, the crude gas, their way of pollution is the same as coals, but they are more polluted because of their comsumption is too high, everybody needs to have a vehicles. And the last thing, gas, it seems like just the ugly smell, and it contributes very small amount of chemical to the air.

In my opinion, these kinds of energy will not last long and they will pollute the environment through a long time if keeping using it. But now there are very little solution for this problem. I resreach about his problem, may be in the resreaching time, hope that I can find a little things to contribute to prevent the pollution will happen to the Earth. I also can learn more about the miracle of the world which the science now can not explain why how the chemical changes through a long time.

In short, there are many things that I have not know about this kind of energy. They have many signifficant effects to the human life also the big affects to the environment. There will be many and many special things I will learn through studying about his article. This is also the hard problem in the future when the air is polluted and human is suffer from the lack of energy, will see, but now we have to slow down until this time.

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Name: John
Period: 1

Date: 3/18/10
Fossil Fuels Energy

Fossil fuels are coal, natural gas and oil, they are non-renewable energy resources and they are not a clean energy. After about 300 - 400 million years, dead plants and animals under pressure and heat of the earth layer decomposed and formed fossil fuels.

Although scientists are researching and developing the exploitation of renewable resources but the world’s main energy source is come from fossil fuels. They are high valuable resources. By burning them, we could have a huge amount of energy.
People mined the surface and underground to get coal. The cost for transporting them even more expensive then mining and thrilling them, most of the coal is transported by train sometimes by other transportation like truck, ship, barge and pipeline. Most of them are used to produce electricity and the rest for industries.
We drilled hundred feets into the ground to get natural gas. Once they reach the gas, they will make a pipeline to let it get out of the ground and move along the pipeline to sudden area, and it’ll be stored. Natural gas is used for generating electricity, heating fuel and industries.
The last one is oil. Oil is usually in the deep ground in the ocean. After drilling them up, they usually use big ship to transport them to factory to refine it. After refining them, we could have several different type of oil. Some is used for air plane, cars and motorbikes.
The exploitation and the use of fossil fuels are making the global warming get worst and worst because when we use them, they produce carbon dioxide which we consider as the main factor that caused the greenhouse effect. We must use less fossil fuels and use more clean and renewable energies like wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal.

Name: Kathy
Period: 4th
Date: 19th March, 2010
Fossil Fuels: coal, oil and gas
Do you know that there are some sources that existed many billion years ago that can make energy? These resources are known as fossil fuels because it is formed by the decomposition organic of the plant and animal in prehistory; these are really necessary for the world’s energy.
There are 3 main types of fossil fuels that provide most our energy: coal, oil and gas. These resources have to pass a process called combustion before it is turned into energy. First, it has to be burned directly, except for coal, which has to be filted of the dust. After it’s burned, hydrogen gas and carbon combined with oxygen to make the newly bonded carbon dioxide and water, it heats the water to make steam and turns into the turbines. After this step, turbines have to be cooled to condense steam back into water; many power stations built the turbines next to the sea to uses the cool of the sea water. Each resource provides high amount of energy for the world: coal resouces provides 28%, oil resources provides 40% and gas resources provides 20% of our energy. These resources are really convenient for transportation; and it’s also easy to transport through the pipe and gas power station. There are many other types of fossil fuels but it requires expensive process before it provides energy, so people are not interested in those resources. The fossil fuels are really important to the world’s energy, it provides us the large amount of electricity with the cheap price at the single location, it stays in the good availability and easy to distribute, provides us electricity through the simple combustion process. On the other hand, the fossil fuels also damage the environment and warming the earth by the combustion process, burn the coal give off sulphur dioxide which can create acid rain, pollution. Many landscapes were destroyed by strip mining and it endangers the live of the miner. Besides that, the fossil fuels are nonrenewable energy resources; there are no more resources if we use up all of it.
Nowadays, our demand for using fossil fuels is increasing day by day and this will become a big problem of the lack of fossil fuels. So people will need to use the energy wisely to save the fossil fuels and to protect our environment.
Source: Energy Resources: Fossil Fuel, Website of Darvill Clara, Darvill Clara, Jan 12, 2010, Mar 18, 2010.
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Fossil Fuel
Fossil fuels are natural resources which come from the underground. There are three main forms of fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas. The age of the fossil fuel can exceed 650 million years.
Fossil fuels have an important role in human life because they can be burned and producing energy. These resources are very valuable, it can not renew, so that is why humans have to save it, these fossil fuels take millions of year to form. Fossil fuels are formed by the anaerobic decomposition of remains of organisms including phytoplankton and zooplankton that settled to the sea (or lake) bottom in large quantities under anoxic conditions, millions of years ago.
Coal is made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and varying amounts of sulfur. Coal was used to run furnaces for the melting of metal ore. Natural gas is a gas consisting primarily of methane. It is an important fuel source, a major feedstock for fertilizers, and a potent greenhouse gas. And the last fossil fuel is oil. There are 4 types of oil, which are essential, mineral, organic and synthetic. The applications using oil are food, hair, fuel, electricity generation, heat transport, lubrication, painting and petrochemicals.
A global movement toward the generation of renewable energy is therefore under way to help meet increased energy needs. The fossil fuels resources are about to run out, so the government has to raise the price so that people will use less.

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Name: Nguyen Tran Xuan Mai (Christina)
Period: 2
Mar 16 2010

Fossil Fuel: Both Good and Bad

In the following passage, we will discuss the positive and negative effects of fossil fuel, a very important source of energy to human beings. But first, what is fossil fuel? Fossil fuel is non-renewable energy from decayed plants and animal. Therefore, it is also commonly known as material fuel. Dead organisms decomposed and were buried beneath many earth layers, exposed to heat and the high pressure from the earth’s crust which contains extremely high temperature magma. After a tremendous long amount of time, hundreds of millions of years, long before dinosaurs first existed, those matters are converted into 3 forms of fuel, oil, natural gas, and coal. The discovery of this essential source of energy heavily contributed to human achievements. In addition, they are amazingly cheap. Fossil fuels have replaced water-driven mills and burning of wood for heat, energy. However, since this type of energy is not renewable, it is responsible of nowadays pollution. The use of fossil fuels is the largest cause for global warming, because it releases huge amount of carbon dioxide. In my opinion, everything has good and bad sides. So does fossil fuel. Moreover, we should limit our use of this type of energy because it hurts the environment badly. On the other hand, fossil fuels are free; however, they will run out if we do not know how to use them effectively. If we wastefully use them now, our children and the next generations will have a lot of problems figuring out the source of energy to use, which will surely slow down human development. Save the earth!

Science daily: Fossil Fuel, Mar 16 2010
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Name: Bui Ngoc Thanh Vy; Carmen
Period: 3
Date: March 18th 2010

Fossil fuel Energy

In this short article, I will discuss about fossil fuels, its types and effects of toward the environment. They are non-renewable energy sources which are commonly known as mineral fuels. They are composed of dead organic matters such as plants and animals. These substances decomposed and buried beneath the earth over a tremendously long amount of time in order to form fossil fuels. There are three types of fossil fuel: oil, coal and natural gases. The productions and combustions of this energy source caused terrible effects toward the environment. It contributed to the world largest pollution concern, increasing the level of greenhouse gasses enormously which led to the global warming. Moreover, burning of fossils fuel produced air pollutants. However, the productions of fossil fuels are essential and necessary to our modern society. We demanded a massive percentage on the use of oil, coal and natural gases. Fossil fuels can replace and produce other sources of energy such as electricity (through some critical processes), heat and replace the use of water driven-mill. Even though they are so convenient and useful; they are awfully cheap, consequently humans used it unwisely. In my opinion, in order to keep fossil fuels available for the next generation, we should reconsider and limit the amount of fossil being use. We might even think of other type of energy such as hydrogen energy to replace it. Besides, humans should think about the consequences of using such sources of energy and it effects on the environment, and especially people’s health.


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Name: Dinh Nam Quang-Tyler
Period: 1
Date: March 18th 2010

Fossil Fuel



Coal, oil and natural gas are fossil fuels formed by burned dead organisms that lived million of years ago, fossil fuels are burned to release chemical energy supplying essential energy for our modern society but beside that they have increase in level of environmental pollution which now becomes a most serious environmental concern.
Coal is one of the most resources on earth that can provide around 28% of our energy. Coal is hard solid and has black color. Coal is made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and lots of various sulfur. Coal can be divided in three main types are anthracite, bituminous and lignite. Anthracite coal is the hardest and has the most carbon, which give the higher amount of energy than other two. Lignite is the softest and has low carbon but it has more hydrogen and oxygen content. Bituminous is in the middle of other two. Today, coal can still be found in many counties and it also used as one of the most important energy source on earth. Burning coal can produce sulphur dioxide which effect create acid rain.
Oil is another fossil fuel. It was formed more than million of years ago. Crude oil (petroleum), yellow black liquid, is founded underground and easier to get out of the ground than coal because it can flow along pipe so the price for transport is cheaper.
Natural gas is lighter than the air. Natural gas is mostly made up of a gas called methane. Methane (Ch4) is a simple chemical compound that is made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms. This gas is highly flammable. Natural gas usually has no odor and we can’t see it. When people saw the flame then they used natural gas for heat and light.
Although fossil fuels are preferred source of energy, their consumption and combustion lead to some disadvantages for our environment. Pollution is a major disadvantage that is because they release carbon dioxide in to the air and caused greenhouse effect. This is also main contributory factor to global warming. Coal also produces carbon dioxide when burned compared to burning oil or gas. Additionally, it gives off sulphur dioxide that creates acid rain. The mining of coal results in the destruction over wide area.
For these reasons it is best for us not to waste fossil fuels because they are not renewable which means they cannot replenish. We can save fossil fuel by conserving energy only. However, we have to solve the problems of pollution by burning fossil fuels which is very dangerous because they can cause greenhouse affect and global warming. That cause a lots of flooding to many places on earth.
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DATE: March 23 2010

what-fossil-fuels-800X800.jpg 080630FossilFuel.jpgoil-companies-campaign-against-climate-change.jpg
This world is such a wonderful land, isn’t it? Look at everywhere; you can see that there are thousand s resources that are so precious. Among of them- fossil energy-especially oil- seems to be the most essential part of our life. Without oil, in my opinion, this world will never be modern like nowadays.

First, fossil energy is hydrocarbons which made up from deposits of organic materials (formed from decayed plants and animals). The utilization of fossil fuels has enabled large-scale industrial development. Oil is one of the energy in fossil fuels. It is liquid in room temperature, contains high carbon and hydrogen which is non polar. Oil is situated under the earth crust, in a layer of porous sandstone. In 1859, Edwin Drake was the first man who found out oil by drilling well in Western Pennsylvania. Because of his great contribution, oil is lately spread to everywhere and extracted to many energy forms. People based on the formation of the crust and they drilled wells and puncturing to the sandstone layer to make oil released. Crude Oil reacts to other substances and forms gasoline, synthetic oil, essential oil - which generates heat in cooking, thermal energy to run engine, make electricity or lubricate things. According to statistics, oil consumption in US households are 7.7 million, in the world are 20 680 000 bbl/day. Although oil is a soul of this industrial world, but its component contains many CO2 and H2 so when combustion, lot of CO2 released and it make the global warming, green house effect. Or oil spill in seas can make plants die, local people infects with kidney damage, altered liver function.

In conclusion, oil is like a doubled eyed sword. The more it contributes to us, the more pollution will rise. As the high consumption rate, in my prediction, the world will be end up in disaster. Know that, we cannot live without fossil energy but it is time to save the green world. I think we should have a habit using oil economically, responsible to everything we do and finding another alternative clean resources. One rock cannot make up a mountain but if we bond together, everything is possible and this world will be green forever from generations to generations.


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Article summary
Hydrogen and other clean fuels

Currently, United State imports more than 60 percent of liquid fuels, totaling have 12 million barrel each day.
Scientist have found ways to solve this problem by producing of hydrogen and other clean fuels from domestic resource that can reduce to use on petroleum imports and avoid the environment concerns .Moreover, the novel technology is investigated by Hydrogen and Clean coal fuels program that produce efficiently and economically fuels from coal and coal biomass mixture .
The hydrogen and Clean coal fuels program helps DOE (department of energy) encouraging scientist to develop novel technology that convert coal resource into hydrogen and other clean fuels. United State is a largest domestic fossil energy resource which has potential to produce hydrogen and other fuels to reduce oil import.
In order to produce, deliver, store, and utilize hydrogen , the Hydrogen and Clean coal fuels program must have there elements : Hydrogen production from coal ,high hydrogen –content fuels from coal , and system analysis .
Hydrogen can be produced from coal by gasification. Its benefit is that reduces energy use. Thus, producing of hydrogen from coal offer an environment benefit.
Hydrogen rich liquid can be produced from nation’s coal. It helps to reduce amount of petroleum of a nation imports because they produce from domestic resource.
System analysis is very important because it provides information, guidance or making important issues such as evaluate the benefits of producing hydrogen from coal.
I think development of hydrogen and other clean fuels is very useful .They are not only help us to reduce energy but also advantage environment as well

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Name: Hanny Anh Pham
Period: 3
Date: March 22, 2010

Article Summary about Fossil fuel Energy
savingplanetearth.jpg fossilfuels.jpg

Fossil fuels are natural fuel formed in the geological past form the remains of living organism. They are non-renewable energy source. That means this energy is not capable of being renewed or permanently depleted when used. Fossil fuels energy sources that formed more than 300 million years ago during the Carboniferous Period. Fossil fuels are made up of plant and animal matter. It is a very long and complicated process. When plants and animals died, their bodies decomposed and were buried under layers of earth. Millions of years later, we have the three forms of fossil fuel: oil, natural gas and coal. Oil is a vicious liquid derived from petroleum; petroleum is a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons (chemical compounds containing only hydrogen and carbon) plus various impurities such as sulfur. Second form – natural gas, is flammable gas, consisting largely of methane (CH4) and other hydrocarbons, occurring naturally underground. Moreover, the last form - coal - most abundant fossil fuel resource is a complex mixture of organic chemical substances containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in chemical combination, together with smaller amounts of nitrogen and sulfur.

Fossil fuels have a huge role in human’s life just after food. They are used to produce electricity; provides us with light, and our many electronic devices; also gives us our mobility, transportation such as cars, trains, airplanes…; in addition, produce heat, for our buildings, industry. Fossil energy is cheap and easy to use, however, is one of the main reason causes environment’s pollution. Almost all fossil fuel use is by burning (or "combustion"). Because they release a big amount of CO
2 when they are burning, it will lead to many problems, in the harmful way. For example using a lot of fossil energy (coal) could lead to the global warming. Many scientists are finding new resources to replace the fossil energy, which are cleaner and are sold as the same price. ©1998-1999-2000 byDesign and PowervisioN for The Greening Earth Society 703.907.6168 (Last Modified Thursday, February 19, 200412:07 AM ) ©2010 Kidzworld
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