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Hydroelectric power: renewable power from water

There are 10 ways of producing power at least. The more the world develops, the more people think about renewable resources (solar energy, wind energy…) Water is one of them. The process to produce power is basically based on water’s physical strength.
Dams are often built besides lakes. The water flows into tunnels, where it meets turbines and drive generators. The water then cleanly flows downriver as usual. This is a very good method to produce electricity, because the resources shall never dry. It does not harm the environment, neither.
Hydroelectricity has a lot of advantages: free resources, great deal of power produced (provide 20% the world’s needs and more than 50% in some countries), completely clean, constantly generative abilities…However, there are some difficulties: high expense on building, affects in water flow and the environment surroundings…
Renewable resources should become effective more. The earth is in danger right now. It’s very necessary to recover the environment, starting by using clean power.

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Hydroelectric power totally deserved to take the place of the conventional way of producing electricity for its great efficiency. In 1901 one generator at the Sacramento Electric Power and Light Company went wrong, wearing down and damaging the turbine blades. Despite of these setbacks the Livermores and Gallatin had a positive outlook on the future. In 1897, they built another powerhouse which had only one 750-kilowatt generator to meet demand for more electricity in the Sacramento area. Right then, the development of hydroelectric power really increased the popularity of electricity for lighting, industry and public transportation. After the second house was built at the Folsom Complex, hydroelectric plants were constructed with more powerful generators provide current to homes and factories in the San Francisco Bay area. By 1900, the Folsom Powerhouse(F.P) was on the brink of becoming an obsolete plant and as a result power transmission to Sacramento began to be intermittently interrupted. By 1902, a company called California Gas & Electric Company had acquired the Folsom powerhouse along with several other power plants. Although working less efficiently than the other power plants in the P.G.&E. system, the F.P was still capable of supplying electricity at a reasonable cost. In 1928 there were changes at the Folsom Powerhouse to beautify the ground at the powerhouse. I find this topic interesting and useful due to the fact that it sounds educational. It is a pity that many countries around the world like African countries have not enjoyed this technology. I wish this technology would some day reach the Third World and don’t forget it is our obligation to ensure that what you use to serve people will never lead to side-effect consequences like flood, the gradual loss of natural resources, etc.

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Hydroelectric is a power source that is made of water energy. Almost this energy is from the potential energy at the dam to turn a water hydraulic turbine and generator. And another type is form kinetic energy of water source that doesn’t independent on dam such as tide. Hydroelectric is restitution energy but it depends on volume and pressure. Hydroelectric is made of potential or kinetic energy from river or sea that constitutes 20% of the world’s electricity and it is used in rush hour because it can hoard. Now a day hydroelectric is not a good choice in developed countries.
How can turbine convert the energy of flowing water into mechanical energy to have electricity? when a magnet is moved through a conductor, electricity is flow

Advantage: The biggest advantage is restricting the cost price of fuel and the company doesn’t worry about the price increase and fuel import. The longevity of each hydroelectric factory is over 50 or 100 years. The expenditure for workforce is low because all most the machine is automated and don’t need many worker when the machine is working.

Defect: In fact using the water to hoard sometime that is complicated because at the drought time, the water doesn’t have enough for using request. Many environmentalists make clear all most the hydroelectric factory may be break through the equilibrium of ecosystem around factory


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In this world, in order to run a system or a machine, energy must be used to make it happen. However, there are variety types of energy that can be used including renewable energy and nonrenewable energy. We have solar power, wind power, nuclear power, fossil fuels, geothermal power, biomass, and hydro-electric power is considered as water power (a renewable energy.)

In o rder to make energy from hydropower, water must be flowed or fell rapidly. People usually use a typical machine to make the changes in the water speed and composition. They usually use two kinds of complex structure, the water turbine and the generator. They use the water in the river or the dammed water to drive those two machines. The first hydro-electric house in the world was Cragside House, Northumberland, England, in 1878. The largest hydro-electric power station in the world is The Three Gorges Dam, located on Yangtze River in Hubei, China.
Nowadays, 20% of electricity of the world is being provided by hydro-electric power. The function of hydro-electric power is to provide electricity for a certain area. Besides providing electricity to serve specific industrial enterprises, they often produce an important amount of electricity needed for aluminum (Al) electrolyte plants. A highlighted example is providing energy for airplanes in World War II.
However, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, hydro-electric also does. First are some of the advantages. The energy is free after the dam is built. There will be no waste or pollution produced. Water power is much more reliable than the solar or wind power. Then there are some of the disadvantages. The dam is very expensive to build but it also can prevent flooding or irrigation so the price is shared. The life of animals and plants in the area will also be affected when the dam is built.

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Topic sentence: the electricity is now important in human daily life, and one of the sources that make up the electricity is the hydroelectric.

Have you ever heard renewable energy before? It’s a type of energy that can reuse again and again. Almost of the energy in this type are found in nature, which help people save their own energy and not wasting it. One of the most important renewable energy is hydroelectric energy – another name is the hydropower.

Body sentence: the hydroelectric using the flow of water to make the energy to make the electricity. Beside, it has the opposite effect on environment.

This type of energy is named because it uses water from lakes as the leading sources of renewable energy to generate the hydroelectric for using. Water from the lakes cannot help to make energy but its flow, from the moving of water is the very first part that makes up the hydroelectric, bases on the flow and fall of water to determine the available of energy. Hydroelectric is related to the water cycle, because the water from lakes is evaporated above the clouds, then it turns into precipitate form and then falls back into lake to make water. To produce electricity, the factors which make hydroelectric usually follow this process: first of all, they need to build up dams as the bases to make the adventures of high pressure of water, then the flowing of water is led through pipes or also called penstock, and turbines push water against then turns blade into the turbines to spin the generation to produce electricity. The hydroelectric is useful for people, of course, but on the other hands, it does not, the reservoir obstructs fish migration and it also affects the population, beside, it may change temperature of water, its effect is causing to native plants in that place and the animals in the rivers.

I think the article is useful because it helps students understand how hydroelectric works and how electricity is made, by using the process, from the flow of water through the long process, the factories made electricity for the large area’s using. The article is great, but I don’t like its effects because it may cause harm for the whole living plants and animals, decrease the huge amount of living things.

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Article Summary for Hydroelectric

Hydroelectric is one kind of renewable energy. It work based on the spinning of the motor from the flow of water. As the water goes through, it hit the motor and spins it around, therefore creating electricity.

The hydroelectric powers usually locate at water damn because these places have a huge potential energy of water. The current of water is strong and falls down very fast from really high. People started the idea of Hydroelectric for a long time ago as they know spinning the motor will create electric energy. The water damn is a big source of energy to work the motor properly. The more energy it gets from the motor, the more electricity it creates. Why? Because stronger water falling will cause faster motor spinning.

Hydroelectric is used widely because it is cheap and have less affect to the surrounding environment. As fossil fuel energy have big affect on the landscape of the surface and the greenhouse carbon dioxide issue, people began to focus more on hydroelectric power. Water damns keep the water current at a good situation and therefore it just continuously flowing. But in the other hand, hydroelectric power is so complicated that it would break sometimes. The motor may be broken out of the machine and cause a lot of damage. Also, in the dry time, water damns released not as much as usual. Therefore there are a lot of blackouts around this time since the motor spins slower which will not produced enough energy.



Hydroelectric Power

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Hydroelectric Power from the Dam

People has discover and put into used many type of Energy. There are solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric, fossil fuel, nuclear, and many more type. All of them are very useful, but I think Hydroelectric was one of the best energy to use not just because it’s easy to produce, it didn’t have bad side effect in the long run.
First, how do we create hydroelectric power? Hydroelectric was creating by the power of the water. People have discovered ways to create hydroelectric but the most effective way was to build a dam. The dam will allowed the water in the high level to flow into the tunnel, the power of the water current will turn the turbines in the lower level, and drive the generator to create electricity and transfer through the circuit and from there, it will go through the entire city. Even though the energy we get were free, but building a good dam took a lot of money. However, when we build, the power we get from the water after that was free. The Hoover Dam in Las Vegas was an example of how much benefit they’ve got from the dam. In the beginning, the Hoover Dam took care of almost all over the city, and they’ve grown so much until now, they have to use more energy from other sources. Building dam and use the hydroelectric power had many advantages. Example as in prevent waste or pollution; hydroelectric power that created by the dam didn’t create any waste water because after the water go through the tunnel, they head into the river and follow the track and go back to the sea. The Energy was free for a long time unless there were problems such as the Dam was broken. The amount of energy we get was more reliable than win or sunlight; we can get the energy every time. Technology was high; people were able to use the energy in the dam and save the extra. One more thing that was good about hydroelectric was the water was renewable. The sunlight evaporates the water and took them back to the sea, or the water flows back to the sea and continue the circle of creates the energy. On the other hand, except the fact that Dam was expensive to build, using hydroelectric energy was not a good idea because building Dam could flood a very big area upstream and cause many problem to animal or people live there. It could also make a big impact to the environment because the increase in water of the downstream could affect to the growing of the plants life.
In my opinion, hydroelectric power was a great option to any city that is on the growth. Time is changing; Technology is developing with an amazing speed. We will find a way of how to avoid the bad side of using a dam such as destroying the plant and animal in creating flood in their area. Hydroelectric was a great option because it is the most reliable energy that we can think of. The solar energy and the wind energy are not bad but they’re unreliable because we can’t get the solar energy at night because there is no sunlight, and we can’t get wind energy whenever there are no winds. And by building the dam, we get electricity every time because water is always there and they always flow. So, using hydroelectric power from the dam was one of the best options that don’t pollute the environment and they are free for us to use.

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Small Hydro Power – Pros and Cons
With the use of massive dams upon huge rivers and ocean gates, smaller hydro power generator were used on smaller rivers, which is known as Micro Hydro Machine. These smaller Hydro Machine had many advantages. However, these also have some of its own disadvantages.
The advantages of Micro Hydro Machine are a lot; Some of the most important ones will be included in the given order: effect on ecology, price of energy, efficiency and price of the machine. Then, the disadvantages of the machine will also be included which will also be included in order: unavailability of expansion, dependent on season, and requirement for the construction.microhydroelectricplant.jpg
The first main advantage of the Micro Hydro Machine is its ability to not infere with nature’s ecology. Many of the other dams had been having problems with keeping the surround environment the same. This machine succeed in proceeding this. By using only a part of a stream and returning it back to the original stream, the ecology of the surronding remain untouched. Also, by using this machine, energy is created easily by using only little volume of water with little movement can create huge amount of energy. Thus, the price of the machine and also the price of created energy is very cheap. This type of power generating can help developing countries with electric shortages.
While so, there are also disadvantages in using this type of energy. First, the site of the machine must be carefully considered so that the machine can work properly with the right amount of flow power and volume of water. Then, the next problem, which is the biggest problem against all type of hydropower, is that the machine’s production is dependent on the season. For example, In the Summer, where there would be faster flow of water, more energy will be created. However, if it was in winter and the water may have freezed, the machine wouldn’t work. Last, the machine is built on a small site, so if there’s a rise in demand, the machine wouldn’t be able to support because the site can’t be expanded.
In conclusion, using a Micro Hydro power generator has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s dependent on the demand of the neighborhood and the ecology of the site that the companies must consider carefully before construting for a Micro Hydro power site.

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March 19th, 2010


Understanding of Hydroelectric Energy

The article provides the general and mechanical description of the hydroelectric power, what has been popular since 20th century and also one of the most important energy sources.
Indeed, this energy occupies 20% of the electricity in the world. Hydroelectric power is a clean energy, because it only needs water to create electricity and its waste after the process is only water. Thus, this power doesn’t create any kind of pollutions such as greenhouse effects, air or water pollutions like fossil fuels, coal or nuclear. Moreover, the hydroelectric power is a renewable energy, because water is endlessly produced, when water in lakes, sea is evaporated, condensed and falls down to the rivers. To produce hydroelectricity, a dam must be built beside the lake, stream or fast river flow. The water from these sources will flow through the tunnels or penstocks of the dam. The high pressure of the falling water flow will turn the turbines and generators, and then the electricity is produced through the magnetism in the generator. There are also some advantages and disadvantages in this system. One benefit is that water will be a free and everlasting source. It’s more reliable than the other electric powers such as wind, solar, biomass, wave,... The stations will increase to full power quickly. It also costs very cheap, about one-tenth of solar power with same amount. And it’s used to control flood or irrigation. However, hydroelectric energy causes some problems. The dams for producing electricity are expensive. It makes flooding upstream area and serious effects on the quality and quantity of water, ecosystem, and people downstream, even causing droughts some places.
Briefly, hydroelectric power is an innovation in electric industry. It improves many countries’ economic and population’s life, such as in Vietnam and China. Although hydroelectric power produces large amount of electricity, and less cost than other energy, we should have a scientific and organized plan to use this valuable source. As in Mekong Delta, the water level goes down really low than previous years, cause of many dams built on the river head in China. I think the governments should act to limit the misuse of water power to save the earth.
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Hydroelectric Power
For thousand of years, we have used running water as an energy source. Nowadays, there are many hydroelectric power station, providing around 20% of the world’s electricity. The name come from “hydro”, the Greek word for water.
A dam is usually built to trap water, in the valley where there is an existing lake. To turn turbines and thus drive generators, water is allowed to flow though tunnels in the dam. The dam is much thicker at the bottom than at the top, because the pressure of the water increases with depth. Hydroelectric power stations can produce a great deal of power very cheap.

The Sun evaporates water from the sea and lakes, which forms clouds and falls as rain in the mountains, keeping the dam supplied with water


Gravitational potential energy is stored in the water above the dam. it will arrive at the turbines at high pressure because of the great height of the water, which mean that we can extract a great deal of energy from it. There are lots of advantages, for example, once the dam is built, the energy is virtually free. There are no waste or pollution produced, much more reliable than wind, solar or wave power, water can be stored above the dam ready to cope with peaks in demand, hydroelectric power stations can increase to full power very quickly, unlike other power stations and electricity can be generated constantly. Beside that, the disadvantages are the dams are very expensive to build. However, many dams are also used for flood control or irrigation, so building costs can be shared. Building a large dam will flood a very large area upstream, causing problems for animals that used to live there, the impact on residents and the environment may be unacceptable and water quality and quantity downstream can be affected, which can have an impact on plant life.


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Hydroelectric power
Hydro-electric means running water as an energy source for thousands of years. In USA, it produced enough power to light two paper mills and a house. Recently, there are many hydro-electric power stations, they provide around 20% of the world's electricity.
They build a dam to trap water, usually in a valley where there is an exist in lake. In the dam, water is allowed to flow through tunnels, to turn turbines and also drive generators. Because of the increasing with depth of pressure of the water, so the dam is much thicker at the bottom than at the top. Hydro-electric power stations can produce a great deal of power very cheaply.
There are some advantages of hydro-electric power. When it works, there is no waste or pollution produced. It’s much more reliable than wind, solar or wave power. Electricity can be generated firmly. However, it also has some disadvantages. Like building the dams is very expensive. If dams are built largely, they will overrun a very large area upstream. Hydro-electric is a renewable power. The sea evaporates water and then provides the Sun , and will keep on doing so.
I hope in the future, we will apply hydro-electric power in a lot of work. If there are some disadvantages, we have to overcome those things. Moreover, we have to improve this power’s functions to have a good result.