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Electricity producing from the solar energy.

It seems like people do not pay attention much to power or usefulness of energy. There are so many types of energy but solar energy is one of the most important one, thus being used widely everywhere. How do you produce electricity from solar energy? It is the question that many people can not answer unless they find it out themselves.
It is also not so hard if you have a slight basic knowledge of this subject then you can answer the question easily. Solar energy is said it needs to have some form of solar cell or panel. Silicon is one of the most familiar materials to everybody. And it is also an important material to make solar panels. Semi-conductive material is a part of solar panels. Semi-conductive material is not really a main part of making solar panels. It just waits until the “photons” reach the solar cells then the electrons absorb the solar energy. It will be transforming them into conduction electrons. This process is also related to the power of energy. It is said if the power of energy is high enough then those electrons will be free and carry an electric charge through the destination. Solar energy can also be a renewable energy source. We can surely see if the power of energy is high or low based on the efficiency of the cell. If many electrons do not receive enough energy to simply warm up then efficiency of the cell will be low. There are two main factors lowering the efficiency, the cell does not work to its full potential, second factor is when we see that the warm panel interferes with others aspects of the solar cell then we know that electrons release heat. The more products you will have if there are more solar cells in the solar panel and solar array. Obviously, if you buy the more expensive machine then you will have the better products. The major factor in efficiency is quality cells; if we have a good energy technology then we will have the more efficient cell. The location is also the important factor would affect the efficiency of the solar energy. Solar cells should always be facing the sun. And of course, there will be nothing blocking the sun rays.

This article is really helps people about their knowledge of solar energy. It also answers the question “how do you produce electricity from the solar energy”. It mentions about the usefulness of the solar energy. I really like this topic because since people have not noticed much about energies. So this article is one of the references for them to know more about solar energy.


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People have used the wind energy for thousands years ago. The energy of the wind can be changed into different forms of energy. Nowadays, it is mainly used for making electricity. Wind is a renewable energy and it’s infinite. People use the windmill to generate electricity. When the wind throws to the blades of the turbine, it makes the blades rolls. By that operation, the turbine starts to work and makes electricity. Because the blades are really heavy, so to make it moves, the wind needs to throw fast and hard. To make large amount of energy by wind, the wind turbines are gather to the mill farm. Each of the windmill can make about 50 to 300 kilowatts of electricity. There are about 52billion kilowatts of electricity are produced in the United States, about 1.3% electricity of their overall energy production, and 12% in Spain. Germany and Denmark are two of the countries who use lots of the wind for their energy. Unlike the fossil fuel energy, the wind energy and it doesn’t have any influence to the environment. Because the wind is made up by the heating of the sun to the earth’s surface, so it’s unlimited and we can keep using it again and again. But there are still some but not much disadvantages of using wind energy. The most serious impact of the wind turbine is its noise pollution. Using wind energy is one of the ways to avoid from global warming and other environment effects.

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March 18, 2010


Solar system is produced by collecting the light from the sun and then converting it into electricity to using in life . This is created by using solar panels, it is a large flat panels made up by many single solar cells. Solar power is becoming popular in every counties, especially modern and developing countries. There are two kinds of solar powers, there are direct and indirect. Direct solar power uses photovoltaic (PV) or “solar cells ” , and indirect solar power uses concentrating solar power (CSP). But solar power cannot use everywhere, it depends on the location and the weather; deserts or somewhere that has a lot of sunlight are the best places to create solar energy.

Solar energy is used for a lot of things in human life, like solar-powered calculators, solar-heated swimming pools, hot water is heated by solar panels, …. In the other hand, solar energy is clean and renewable , so it could be using to make a move from nonrenewable sources. Now, scientists is doing experiment to make solar energy become more popular in over the world and maybe in the future, It can be replace for electricity to become a main energy of people.

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Solar Energy Article Summarysolar-panels-farm-energy-757563.jpg
In the race for energy, scientists have found the best solution to the unlimited, cleanest source and the solution is solar energy

Solar energy or solar power is produced from the main source of sunlight. The sunlight is absorbed by the solar cell in the Flat or round curved solar panel pushing electricity to move. The electric current then transferred to the charge controller and was usually consisted there. Then from the charge controller, electricity then moved to either Battery system providing direct electric current or, most of the time, to the inverter for alternative current for house electricity system. Depend on the different location on the earth; solar panel would absorb different amount of sunlight. Solar energy is one of the cleanest energy source had been discovered. It causes no harm to the environment yet produced sufficient electricity for usage. Despite of this big advantage, solar energy is still considered a luxury source of energy to most people around the world. Fortunately, scientists have tried to minimize the cost for this wonderful source of energy. There are lots of big revolutionary project for solar energy such as the solar islands or solar towers which hopefully achieved in the soon future of this or next generation.

The article contains lots of facts which made me feel quite interesting while reading it. In my opinion, if we keep using the fossils energy such as coal or oil, the price of it would just keep climbing higher and higher and the environments would take more damages day by day. It would be best if we could change our main source of energy to solar power for a cleaner and safer earth.

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March 21, 2010

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Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy Sources: Which one to choose?
The world’s energy needs have so far been provided by fossil fuels, yet the amount that can be used does not last forever and here an environment-friendly and renewable energy source comes into the spotlight, that might be able to replace fossil fuels: Solar energy.
Fossil fuels are the energy source that consists of oil, coal and other natural gas. But they are limited and will not supply us with energy forever. Besides from that, the mining and use of fossil fuels causes great damage to the environment. The Combustion of fossil fuels creates Carbon dioxide, which is a gas that is most responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming. This is why it is necessary to look for a better solution for the incredible demand of energy supplies.
Alternative energy, also called renewable energy, consist of energy sources like the sunlight, wind or moving water. It is natural and can provide tons of energy once used effectively. Yet only it only supplies 7% of the world’s energy needs.
The world’s energy needs is estimated to 400 quadrillion BTUs (400, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 BTUs). BTU is the abbreviation of British Thermal Units and one BTU is the energy and heat given off by a match. Now imagine if 93% of this energy is supplied by mostly fossil fuels and nuclear energy (which actually takes only a small part, about 6%) and causes damage to the ecosystem. And the world population growth will worsen the situation by demanding more energy, which will cost more fossil fuels, cause it to decrease rapidly in quantity and add more pollution.
On the other hand, sun energy exists in all things, including fossil fuels. It's the ideal source of energy that causes the least, or even no harm. If the fossil fuel reserves decrease day-by-day, solar energy will be an essential part of future energy supply. It’s estimated that, by 2040, solar energy will provide 26% of the world’s energy needs.
I found this article very interesting because it discussed, contrasted and pointed out disadvantages and advantages of the use of energy. Energy will always be in demand and if we continue to use fossil fuels then we’re going to run out of its supply and we’re causing damage to the environment that we’re living in as well. I think it’s very important to protect the world that you’re living in. If your environment is not healthy, there is no way you can be. Since we’re the ones using energy, we’re responsible for keeping it as clean and safe as possible.
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external image Repower-5M-wind-turbine_large.jpg
Wind energy – new source of power
Fossil energy is almost used up and it causes pollution for environment as well as global warming. People need a new source of green energy and wind turbine is the solution for this problem.

Before windmills were used to grind grains; today, based on the rotation of the sails when the wind blows, scientists use wind power to turn a turbine, and make electricity. Wind turbines are not big like those windmills but it is taller and thinner, it can produce from 1 kW, all up to 3 MW of electricity. The popular wind turbine today is the 2 MW turbines, which cost 3.5 million dollars to install.

Although wind turbine installation cost is high but it is a green energy, it spreads around the world. Almost 94,000 MW of wind is installed around the world. Germany takes the lead with 22.3 GW; the U.S. is right behind with 16.8 GW, follow by Spain, India, and China. This amazing investment of wind energy promises a 20% of energy is renewable in the future.

In United States, total wind capacity reached 16.8 GW in 2007 and it still goes up. Texas has the most installed wind power of 4356 MW3 follow by California and Iowa. However, the growth of wind energy in the US still only accounts for less than 1% of the U.S. electricity supplies. High cost of fossils fuels, global warming, and concern about national energy source push the growth of wind energy. Some public policies encourage wind energy expansion. Wind turbines become familiar to people such as landowners, small businesses, and community wind project. As technology improves, and development rate of wind energy, it will become a main source of energy in the future. Wind energy has less risk and more power than
fossils fuels.

I think this article is interesting, before I thought it was hard to find another source of energy to replace fossils fuels. I was wrong, wind energy is amazing but it costs too much. I do not think wind power is possible for Vietnam although Vietnam has a very long beach, which is perfect for wind turbines. Maybe later on, scientists will develop cheap wind turbines so that every country in the world can buy it and help save our planet.

References: “Wind Basics: Winds Energy Today and Tomorrow.” ****. Fri. 19 March 2010

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Date: March 17th, 2010

wind_energy.jpgWind Tubine

Wind-an Efficient Earth‘s Energy

The wind is used to supply UK’s life with electricity and the wind speed changes depend on time and location, which affects both electricity supply and demand.

It is well known that the wind has supplied people with energy for years such as energy to sail, energy to mill grain. Especially, electricity has been generated by using wind turbine, which has low carbon dioxide release and is renewable. In UK, since the wind speed is different for all times and locations, the electricity generated by the turbines also are not consistent. That is a reason why the wind turbines vary in their supply of electricity. For instance, windy conditions in winter produce higher energy than in summer. Moreover, the electricity demand in UK also changes from season to season. For example, in winter’s day, electricity is more necessary than in summer’s day. Therefore, due to the variety of locations and times, the wind speed affects the balance between supply and demand in UK.

The article is very practical and accurate because it tells us about the wind power, a natural energy, like solar energy and tidal power. Moreover, the article helps us to understand more about how the wind turbines work and the effect of varied wind speed on electricity demand and supply of UK. In conclusion, I think wind power is a very useful and necessary power for our life since it is endless and not harmful.

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This article will examine about the solar power, one of the renewable energy that is really fresh new to use in these recent years. Solar power is a kind of energy that collected from sunlight and converted into electricity by using solar panels. There are two kinds of solar powers that convert sunlight into electricity, direct and indirect. Direct solar power uses photovoltaic (PV), and indirect solar power uses concentrating solar power (CSP). Solar power also depends on the location and weather; deserts are the best place to create solar power. Solar power is not available all the time, so scientists discovered the thermal storage, which uses molten salts to make it work. The salts are able to make solar storage because it’s cheap, and has high specific heat capacity temperature. They also use solar power from plant protein structure, and make energy use. The latest discovery of solar power is the tiny solar-power; it’s much smaller than a penny. It can create 1000x its size, it has numerous applications. There are some countries that use the largest photovoltaic power plants, such as in Germany, USA, Spain, and Portugal. However, it costs a lot of money to make panels to make solar power, especially in the 20th century.
AE Solar Power,
Powered by Renewable Energy and AEoogle! , Friday, March 19th, 2010. Visited on March 17th. Website of AEoogle.

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Wind Direction Can Possibly Be Predicted by Smart Wind Turbines
Risø DTU had just achieved a great success on testing a wind turbine with a laser – based wind gauge. As a result, the function of the wind turbine is to predict wind direction and the unstable flow of the wind.
The laser system is known as wind lidar. In the future, those systems will be highly developed in order to produce an enormous amount of wind energy. When the wind is coming nearby, the turbines will automatically realize it and modify its blades so that the wind is then consumed effectively and it also helps the turbines to last longer. Moreover, this new technology will be used widely and concentrated on “renewable energy” and “global warming” in the next following years. It is considered that the wind turbines will prompt the production of energy up to 5% because of using the longer blades. It also shows that the profit of Danish wind industry earns for a year is 200,000 Danish kroner. According to Danish Energy Agency’s premonition, if a turbine is combined with a wind lidar, then it can lessen 25,000 tons of CO2 emanation by 2025.
In my opinion, the combination of a “smart and long blades” and the lidar system will increase the life of the system and also work out successfully for the sake of making a huge amount of wind energy in the future.
Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy. "Smart Wind Turbines Can Predict the Wind." ScienceDaily 5 January 2010. 18 March 2010 <­ /releases/2010/01/100104092454.htm>.

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Solar Energy

The sun exists in our planet from long time ago (over billions of years). The sun shines its light down on the earth every day. The light can be called the rays of the sun which carried heat, and a large amount of energy, which was known as the solar energy. The power from the sun which is clean and good for our environment can be used efficiently. Energy of the sun mostly makes the electricity, because the rays contain photons which are able to make a charge. On the other hand, we can use solar energy in many ways, for example we can make hot water by heating through the use of energy in the sun rays, produce power, etc. When we do those things, we can use the solar panels to take the energy from the sun. Solar panel is a fantastic and clean tool to make the electricity. Solar panels were made by many cells, which help to provide the electricity. In addition it was used for home; because of some homes that in the remote areas, so the house can’t able to have a long cable for bringing the electricity to their house, thus they would like to use the solar panels, which will be the easy way for them to have electricity for using. Satellites are an object fly in the space, but how does it get electric without any cables? The answer is the main part of satellites connect with solar panels like a wings, this solar helps our satellites gain the sun energy to produce electric, that means solar panels also very helpful to the scientist for getting the information from satellites easily. Besides, there are solar hot water panels helping you to save your time, money from the electric bills. Solar hot water panels use the energy of the sun to make hot water in a short time, it looks like the wind turbine, and solar panels, it also a clean and renewable energy which was used popularly today.
Nowadays, most of countries in the world have taken these advantages to serve for their country. But Vietnamese didn’t use this advantage efficiently; they just use the energy from the sun to heat the water for household usage. Vietnam government hasn’t planned to make the electric from the sun energy yet. If they had used the sun energy, it just a small amount of that power, it was not developed, and used popularly in Vietnam. According to me the power of solar energy have been supporting thousands of people in many places of the world to live with a clean environment. If the sun disappears, so does our life in this planet. So the part of our life is depend on the sun rays a lot.

How Do You Produce Electricity From Solar Energy, March 21st, 2010

What Is Solar Power March 21st, 2010

Home Solar Energy Systems March 21st, 2010

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The Solar energy

As you know, the sun has produced energy for billions years under heat and electricity types. In 1830s, solar energy were started to use in the human life. There’re 2 kinds of heat (from the solar energy): heat water and heat space. We can find the solar energy in sunshine. Solar energy can be converted to electricity in two ways: photovoltaic and concentrating solar power plant.
Because solar energy is not harm to the air or water pollution so nowadays, many places have started to build the solar power plantations. California has the world’s biggest solar power plant. However, there’re 2 drawbacks of solar energy such as amount sunlight arrived to Earth is not the same in difference places, time, locations. We have 2 ways of converting solar energy. First of all is photovoltaic is the new technology used to convert solar energy direct into electrical power. The second one is concentrating solar power plans which generate electricity by using the heat from solar thermal collectors to heat a fluid which produces steam that is used to power the generator. There are 3 types of solar thermal power plants: parabolic troughs, solar dishes and solar power towers. Well, heating with Sun’s energy can be classified as passive or active. Solar collectors are either non-concentrating or concentrating. While the non-concentrating is the collector area is the same as the absorber area, the concentrating is the area intercepting the solar radiation is greater than the absorber area.
Maybe we only know about the active face of the solar energy but we might not know something quite cool – the large solar thermal power plants can harm desert ecosystems if not properly managed.

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Smart embedded sensor system can check the status of the wind turbine offshore without a need of an operator. By placing the sensors into the wind turbine blades, people can know changes or damage in the blade before it breaks. This remote controlling allow checking to be safer and better to place where a storm had hit. This project is called SESS which stand for Smart Embedded Sensor Systems.
Since the new sensor system is use for checking the status of the turbine, the information will be sent to the operators offshore. If the operators think the turbine is needed to be repaired, he can send technician to fix it before it stop working. This process can save a lot of money. It is a lot more efficient to determine whether the turbine needed to be recycled or not.
In my opinion, this new technology is extremely useful for supervising offshore turbine. Technicians do not need to go offshore monthly to check the turbine status. This could significantly save money because technicians know when to go offshore without travelling there monthly. Finally, operators could supervise the turbine from afar, this could save their time and money.

Source: Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy. "Smart Embedded Sensor Systems for Offshore Wind Turbines." ScienceDaily 19 January 2010. 14 July 2008 <­ /releases/2010/01/100114092404.htm>.

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Date:March 21 2010
Title: Solar Energy








Solar energy is the energy from the Sun. The Sun is a big ball of heat and light resulting from nuclear. The nuclear reaction releases energy that travels outward to the surface of the Sun. Light energy and sunlight are the two major types of solar energy.
Humans have used solar energy for thousands of year. For example, ancient cultures used energy from the sun to keep warm by starting fires with it. They also kept their homes warm through passive solar energy designs. Buildings were design so that walls and floors collected solar heat during the day so they can keep them warm at night. Solar technology is not new. It probably started some time in 7th century BC, when people learned how to use glass and sunlight to light a fire. One example of our use solar heat energy is for water heating systems. In picture (2) is a solar panel is used to collect heat. The heat is transferred to pipes inside the solar panel and water is heated as it passes through the pipes, the hot water heated by the Sun can be used for showers or cleaning.
A Solar Vehicle Ideal Energy Chain:
Light Energy >> Electrical Energy >> Mechanical Energy >> Kinetic Energy
In picture (3) is a solar panels collect heat energy from the sun. We call this heat solar thermal energy. A simple example of a solar panel is a closed box with a top made of a transparent material such as glass or plastic.
In my opinion, solar energy is a best energy in the world as same as wind, water energy. They also are unlimited energy and we can use it with more purpose like create vans, ship, and plane using that energy. The price to establish a big system of solar panel in your house is very fancy and waste lots of money. But if we use that energy, it will more better than another material when we use to create electricity without pollution, pay less money than usual energy to the government. I hope that everyone in this beautiful planet using solar energy in everywhere, every place in one day to save this planet without pollution and disaster.

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external image wind_energy.jpg

Wind energy in Viet Nam

Because of global warming and fossil fuel is running out, people have to find another energy sources which do not cause pollution and can be use forever. The many countries in the world are trying to save the planet by using the green energy. Viet Nam is not an outsider in using green power. And according to expert, Viet Nam is one of the good place to place wind systems.
Why Viet Nam is a good place to place wind system? About 28 000 square kilometers of Viet Nam has a wind average speed about seven meters per second or higher at the 65 meter above sea level. Experts say that is a good condition to place wind system.
A World Bank’s survey shows that Viet Nam can product more energy than Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. It says that Viet Nam every year can produce 513,360 MW, which 200 times the output of the Southeast Asia’s largest power plant, the Son La Hydroelectric Plant.
Coastal area and central highland are good places to set up wind farm.
Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan are said to be greatest places that can produce great energy.
Because of small storm that local wind can be stable. In the monsoon period, six to seven meters per second is the speed that winds can reach. This is suitable “for building electricity stations with a capacity of 3-3.5 MW
, according to expert.
Winds energy have some advantage, according to expert, these are:”It does not cause pollution, affect crops or displace people. It also helps save on the cost of transmission since wind turbines can be set up near residential areas.”
In my opinion, win energy is best for Viet Nam because along with the length of Viet Nam is the beach. Unlike hydroelectric, it does not kill a river, or oil spill like fossil fuel. I agree with the expert that wind energy is suitable for Viet Nam.
Wind energy is suitable for Viet Nam because there are a lot of wind come from ocean it does not cause pollution. I hope that winds energy could help Viet Nam to save the green of the earth.

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