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Bly's Chemistry Class - Energy Project

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Bly enjoys his work. KMnO4 + Glycerol (C3H8O3)
Photo by Darrell "Fun-guy" Sharp

Energy Project

*Posting your articles on this page*

1. Click on your group's energy type.

2. Click "Edit" and paste your article in.

3. To add a graphic, click "File" and upload the graphic.

4. Click "Save."

5. You're done! Celebrate with a fist clenching.

Energy Project Description

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create an energy plan for Vietnam.

Project structure:

Part 1: Research an energy type in your group.

  • Individually write an article summary on an energy type, using the “science literacy” worksheet.

  • Post your article on the wiki under your energy type (above).

  • Meet with your group and design a presentation.

There will be five different groups:

1. Hydroelectric

2. Fossil fuels: coal, oil, diesel and natural gas

3. Wind and Solar

4. Geothermal and Biomass

5. Nuclear

Part 2: You will be put in a new group, with one person representing each power type. You will decide on three energy sources to power Vietnam. Then you will decide how much of each type you want to use, calculate the total cost of your plan, and finally, summarize it on a poster.


You may use articles you find in the library’s Gale search, any books in the library and the following:

All energy types:

Easy English

Alternative energy articles



Wind Energy News -- ScienceDaily

Geothermal Energy

Nuclear energy: your World of Chemistry textbook p683-691.

*If you want to use another source, you must ask Bly first. Wikipedia is not acceptable.

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